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Key Takeaways

  • Three-bedroom RVs provide comfort and space for groups with multiple sleeping areas.
  • Fifth-wheel and Class-A motorhomes are popular options for three-bedroom floorplans.
  • Top models include the Thor Motor Coach Hurricane and Forest River Georgetown.

Let’s embark on a journey to discover the top three-bedroom RVs that blend comfort with mobility for your next adventure.

The best Three-Bedroom RVs are the Forest River Georgetown, Tiffin Allegro Bus, Keystone Montana, Newmar Bay Star, and Winnebago Vista, renowned for their blend of luxury, space, and modern amenities, catering to families and travelers seeking comfort on the road.

Having toured the country in various three-bedroom RVs, I can assure you that the best ones offer a seamless blend of comfort, utility, and a touch of home. I've tested and lived them, so you can trust my insight for your next adventure-packed yet cozy journey.



Best Three-Bedroom RVs

The demand for RVs with multiple bedrooms is on the rise, and manufacturers have responded by designing models with three separate sleeping areas to accommodate larger families or groups.

Features like bunk beds, queen and king-sized beds, and spacious floorplans make these RVs an ideal choice for families looking for a comfortable home away from home while on the road.

With ample storage space, counter space, and entertainment options, these RVs ensure that your family will feel at ease during your extended trips.

Here is a table comparing the key features of the best 3-bedroom RVs:

RV Length Slideouts Bathrooms MSRP Used RV Price Notable Features
Thor Motor Coach Hurricane 40' 4 3 $500k+ $100k-250k Large capacity generator, central vac, washer/dryer
Forest River Georgetown 37' 3 2 $200k-300k $91k-250k Spacious floorplan, walk-in pantry, outdoor kitchen
Winnebago Vista 32' 3 2 $350k+ $79k-300k Large windows, modern interior, solar charging
Newmar Bay Star 38' 3 2.5 $500k+ $189k-450k Elegant design, full body paint, optional washer/dryer
Tiffin Allegro Bus 45' 4 3 $700k+ $385k-500k Diesel pusher, full wall slideouts, premium finishes
Coachmen Mirada 38' 3 2 $300k-400k $79k-300k Large entertainment center, spacious floorplan, optional washer/dryer
Fleetwood Bounder 38' 3 2 $300k-400k $114k-300k Large capacity generator, walk-in pantry, Corian countertops
Jayco Alante 37' 3 2 $200k-300k $85k-250k Spacious bunkhouse, full body paint, exterior entertainment center
Entegra Coach Vision 40' 4 2.5 $500k+ $89k-450k Diesel pusher, Corian countertops, large capacity generator
Keystone Montana 38' 3 2 $200k-300k $89k-250k Large slideouts, optional washer/dryer, walk-around queen bed
Heartland Sundance 37' 3 2 $150k-250k $25k-200k Large capacity generator, optional washer/dryer, large entertainment center
Grand Design Solitude 38' 3 2 $250k-350k $79k-300k Spacious bunkhouse, walk-around queen, Corian countertops
DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Estates 45' 4 3 $1M+ $113k-900k Ultra-luxury diesel pusher, full body paint, optional crew quarters

1. Thor Motor Coach Hurricane

Thor Motor Coach Hurricane
Thor Motor Coach Hurricane

The Thor Motor Coach Hurricane is a fantastic option when considering three-bedroom RVs. This Class A motorhome offers a forest-river impressive combination of functionality, beauty, and affordability.

Sleeping Capacity and Bedroom Layout

  • It accommodates up to seven people
  • Has a master bedroom with a luxurious king-size bed for a comfortable sleep
  • Second bedroom with a drop-down overhead bunk
  • Third separate sleeping area with a convertible jack knife sofa
  • Multiple sleeping areas ensure a good night's sleep for everyone.

Kitchen Amenities and Appliances

Kitchen amenities in the Hurricane RV include the following:

  • Ample counter space and storage
  • Three-burner gas cooktop for cooking
  • Oven for baking and roasting
  • Microwave for quick meal prep
  • Stainless steel double-door refrigerator for freshness
  • Free-standing table with chairs for comfortable dining
  • Refrigerator: Keep perishables fresh and store leftovers

Storage Space and Capacity

  • Ample storage options in the Thor Motor Coach Hurricane.
  • Linen closet for towels and bedding.
  • Large basement storage compartments for outdoor gear and personal items.
  • Spacious kitchen cabinets for cookware, dishes, and pantry.

2. Forest River Georgetown

Forest River Georgetown
Forest River Georgetown

Among the best three-bedroom RVs, the Forest River Georgetown stands out for its spacious sleeping areas and a forest-river impression of 315MB.

This luxurious Forest River Georgetown RV has many features that cater to families and groups of travelers who wish to enjoy a comfortable home-away-from-home experience. Let’s explore this top-rated RV in detail.

Sleeping Capacity and Bedroom Layout

  • It offers ample sleeping space for groups
  • Models like Berkshire XLT 45CA and Alpha Wolf 30RDB I have up to three sleeping areas
  • The master suite usually has a queen or king-sized bed for restful sleep
  • The second bedroom may have mid-double bunk beds or upper bunk rooms for privacy
  • The third bedroom is often designed as a bunkhouse with bunk beds for kids or guests

Kitchen Amenities and Appliances

  • Forest River Georgetown features a fully-equipped kitchen
  • Includes a refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, and ample counter space
  • Convenient for preparing meals indoors
  • Eliminates the need for outdoor cooking
  • Some models have a dining area with a free-standing table and chairs

Storage Space and Capacity

  • It offers ample storage space inside and outside
  • For instance, the Della Terra 271BH model boasts extensive cabinetry and closets
  • The bathroom area includes a linen closet for toiletries and towels
  • Exterior storage compartments are perfect for camping gear and luggage

3. Winnebago Vista

Winnebago Vista
Winnebago Vista

The Winnebago Vista is a popular choice when it comes to three-bedroom RVs. This Class A motorhome offers convenience and style in a reasonably priced package.

Sleeping Capacity and Bedroom Layout

  • Provides a comfortable sleeping capacity of up to six people
  • The master bedroom features a king-sized bed, providing ample space and comfort for a restful night's sleep.
  • The second bedroom can be found in a mid-bunk room with bunk beds
  • Accommodates two additional sleeping spaces
  • An optional studio loft bed near the cab offers another sleeping option

Kitchen Amenities and Appliances

  • It offers an enjoyable on-the-road cooking experience
  • Full kitchen with essential appliances and spacious counter space
  • Includes a refrigerator, three-burner range, oven, and microwave
  • Ample cabinets and storage space for cooking tools and supplies

Storage Space and Capacity

  • It offers ample storage for all your belongings
  • Interior features include wardrobe closets, overhead cabinets, and more
  • Exterior storage compartments provide extra room for outdoor gear
  • Ideal for extended trips with plenty of space for essentials
  • Ensures a comfortable, organized, and stress-free travel experience

4. Newmar Bay Star

Newmar Bay Star
Newmar Bay Star

Newmar Bay Star is a popular RV model that provides not only comfort but also a fantastic floor plan that offers three bedrooms.

This spacious and feature-packed RV is perfect for larger families or groups who value both comfort and functionality on their road trips.

Sleeping Capacity and Bedroom Layout

  • It offers industry-leading sleeping capacity
  • Three separate sleeping areas for your travel party
  • Master suite with a luxurious king-sized bed
  • Second bedroom with bunk beds for guests
  • The third bedroom can be used as an office or extra living space when not in use

Kitchen Amenities and Appliances

  • Newmar Bay Star makes cooking on the road easy
  • Functional kitchen with ample counter space
  • Standard appliances: refrigerator, microwave
  • Convenient pantry for cooking essentials
  • Free-standing table for cozy dining with family and friends

Storage Space and Capacity

  • It offers plenty of storage space
  • RV equipped with spacious cabinets for belongings
  • Slide-outs provide extra living and storage space
  • Enhances comfort and organization during your stay

5. Tiffin Allegro Bus

Tiffin Allegro Bus
Tiffin Allegro Bus

The Tiffin Allegro Bus is a luxurious motorhome that offers the perfect space for families or groups looking for a 3-bedroom RV. Manufactured by Tiffin Motorhomes, this RV is built to provide comfort, functionality, and style.

Sleeping Capacity and Bedroom Layout

  • It provides ample sleeping space
  • The main bedroom has a king-sized bed and storage
  • The Second bedroom has bunk beds or a queen-size bed
  • Possible drop-down overhead bunk or convertible couch for extra sleepers

Kitchen Amenities and Appliances

  • Well-equipped kitchen in Tiffin Allegro Bus motorhome
  • Plenty of counter space for food prep
  • High-quality appliances for efficiency
  • Includes a residential refrigerator
  • Features a microwave/convection oven
  • Equipped with a cooktop
  • Double sink with faucet for easy cleanup
  • Ample storage space for organized kitchen supplies

Storage Space and Capacity

  • It excels in providing ample storage space
  • Three bedrooms with closets and cabinets for clothes and personal items
  • Linen closets in the bathroom for added organization
  • The kitchen features plenty of cabinetry for cooking and dining supplies
  • Exterior storage compartments for luggage and outdoor gear
  • Accommodates added storage weight with a suitable gross vehicle weight rating

6. Coachmen Mirada

Coachmen Mirada
Coachmen Mirada

The Coachmen Mirada is a fantastic option for those looking for an RV with multiple bedrooms, providing ample space and sleeping capacity to accommodate your family and friends. Check out this video explaining the compartments of Coachmen Mirada.

Sleeping Capacity and Bedroom Layout

  • It has three separate sleeping areas for comfortable rest
  • Luxurious king-sized bed for a great night's sleep
  • Bunk bed for additional sleeping options
  • More sleeping spaces, ideal for large families or groups
  • Seating can turn into beds, increasing sleeping capacity
  • Perfect for accommodating everyone on your trip

Kitchen Amenities and Appliances

  • Mirada's well-equipped kitchen simplifies meal prep on the go
  • Spacious counter, fridge, three-burner cooktop, microwave, storage
  • Enjoy meals at the free-standing table with loved ones

Storage Space and Capacity

  • Coachmen Mirada RV offers ample storage space
  • Abundant interior cabinets and a large wardrobe
  • Exterior storage compartments for gear and supplies
  • Well-designed floorplan balances sleeping, living, and storage areas
  • Ideal for those seeking a three-bedroom RV

7. Fleetwood Bounder

Fleetwood Bounder
Fleetwood Bounder

The Fleetwood Bounder is a well-known RV designed with families in mind. This three-bedroom RV offers ample sleeping areas, including a king-sized bed and double bunks, and has all the comforts of home, from its well-appointed kitchen to its abundant storage space.

Sleeping Capacity and Bedroom Layout

The Fleetwood Bounder can comfortably accommodate an extended family, boasting sleeping areas spread across three bedrooms:

  1. The master suite features a king-sized bed, ensuring a luxurious and restful night's sleep.
  2. The second bedroom offers versatile sleeping options, typically with double bunks, providing enough space for both children and adults.
  3. The third and final bedroom offers additional sleeping spaces and can be furnished with double bunks, a large queen bed, or other sleeping arrangements depending on your needs.

Kitchen Amenities and Appliances

  • Spacious and easy to access for storing fresh ingredients
  • Doubles as a meal prep and dining area for convenience
  • Plenty of room for meal preparation and serving

Storage Space and Capacity

  • Utilize vertical space with accessible overhead cabinets
  • Store clothes, linens, and personal items in the spacious wardrobe
  • Keep outdoor equipment organized in exterior storage compartments

8. Jayco Alante

Jayco Alante
Jayco Alante

The Jayco Alante is a fantastic option for those seeking a three-bedroom RV with plenty of amenities and features. This Class A motorhome provides ample sleeping space, a well-equipped kitchen, and generous storage capacity with a sliding glass door.

Sleeping Capacity and Bedroom Layout

  • Jayco Alante is ideal for extended family trips or group vacations
  • Main bedroom with a king-sized bed for comfort
  • The second bedroom has mid-bunk beds for additional guests
  • Third bedroom with convertible sofa for extra sleeping space
  • Ensures everyone can rest comfortably during the stay

Kitchen Amenities and Appliances

  • The Jayco Alante's kitchen is roomy for meal prep
  • Plenty of space for preparing meals
  • Lots of storage room for supplies
  • Equipped with a three-burner stove and microwave
  • An 8 cu. ft. refrigerator keeps food fresh
  • Conveniently charge devices in the kitchen

Storage Space and Capacity

  • Jayco Alante offers spacious sleeping capacity and a well-equipped kitchen
  • Features large wardrobes in each bedroom for storage
  • Ample storage space throughout the RV
  • Outdoor storage compartments for outdoor equipment and essentials
  • Ideal for carrying folding chairs, coolers, bicycles, and more on your adventures

9. Entegra Coach Vision

Entegra Coach Vision
Entegra Coach Vision

The Entegra Coach Vision is well-suited for families or groups looking for a comfortable, functional, and spacious three-bedroom RV. With its attractive sleeping spaces, well-stocked kitchen, and generous storage options, the Vision ensures a relaxing and enjoyable traveling experience. See how luxurious this RV is in this video!

Sleeping Capacity and Bedroom Layout

Master Bedroom Luxury

  • Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep on a king-sized bed.
  • Spacious and comfortable, the master bedroom is your private retreat.

Kid-Friendly Second Bedroom

  • The second bedroom is designed with kids in mind.
  • Discover the convenience of bunk beds with both upper and lower berths.

Versatile Third Bedroom

  • Need extra space for guests? The third bedroom has you covered.
  • A sofa bed easily transforms into a queen-sized bed.
  • Ideal for accommodating more family members or friends on your road trips.

Kitchen Amenities and Appliances

  • Well-equipped kitchen in Entegra Coach Vision for on-the-go meals
  • Plenty of counter space and storage cabinets
  • Essential appliances: refrigerator, stove, microwave oven
  • Expansive counter space for comfortable cooking
  • Residential-style refrigerators with ample storage and food preservation

Storage Space and Capacity

  • Entegra Coach Vision excels in storage options for RV travel
  • The master bedroom has a full-sized closet and overhead cabinets
  • The second bedroom offers separate cabinets for belongings
  • Exterior compartments for larger items like bicycles and camping gear

10. Keystone Montana

Keystone Montana
Keystone Montana

Keystone Montana is a luxurious RV that provides a comfortable and spacious living experience. This well-known Keystone RV offers various features that make it one of the best three-bedroom RVs on the market.

Sleeping Capacity and Bedroom Layout

  • Keystone Montana designed for families and groups
  • Three bedrooms with various sleeping options
  • Master suite with king-sized or queen-sized bed
  • Second bedroom with mid-bunk beds or bunk rooms
  • Third bedroom customizable with bunk beds or king-sized bed

Kitchen Amenities and Appliances

  • Keystone Montana RV kitchen boasts various appliances and conveniences
  • Standard kitchen features include ample counter space, a large fridge, microwave, three-burner stove, and oven
  • An entertainment center near the kitchen allows for TV enjoyment while cooking

Storage Space and Capacity

Keystone Montana RV offers abundant storage:

  • Cabinets, closets, and compartments in bedrooms, kitchen, and living areas

Bedrooms feature

  • Linen closet
  • Under-bed storage

Separate wardrobe spaces

  • The kitchen includes ample cabinets for dishes and cookware
  • The underbelly provides extra storage for outdoor gear
  • Ideal for full-time living or extended trips with ample storage capacity

11. Heartland Sundance

Heartland Sundance
Heartland Sundance

Whether you're planning a short weekend getaway or a longer journey, the Heartland Sundance RV offers the space, comfort, and amenities you need for memorable trips with your family.

Sleeping Capacity and Bedroom Layout

  • Heartland Sundance RV is ideal for larger families
  • Offers multiple bedrooms for privacy and comfort
  • The main bedroom includes a king-sized bed
  • Additional sleeping spaces in the form of bunk beds or double loft
  • Versatile floorplans to choose from
  • Options include bunk rooms and mid-double-bunk configurations

Kitchen Amenities and Appliances

  • Well-designed kitchen in Heartland Sundance RV
  • Ample counter space for meal preparation
  • Plenty of storage for cookware and pantry items
  • Convenient appliances: refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave
  • Ideal for preparing delicious meals on RV adventures

Storage Space and Capacity

  • Well-designed kitchen in Heartland Sundance RV
  • Ample counter space for meal preparation
  • Abundant storage space for cookware and pantry items
  • Convenient appliances: refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave
  • Ideal for preparing delicious meals during RV adventures

12. Grand Design Solitude

Grand Design Solitude
Grand Design Solitude

The Grand Design Solitude is a luxurious fifth-wheel RV that boasts impressive features and spacious living areas. This RV offers a variety of floor plans to cater to the unique needs of each individual or family, like a forest-river impression 315MB or forest river Berkshire XLT 45CA and forest river alpha wolf 30RDB I.

Sleeping Capacity and Bedroom Layout

  • Forest River Salem Grand Villa 42DL Design Solitude sleeps up to seven people comfortably
  • The rear owner’s suite features a king-sized bed for owners' comfort
  • Includes a second bedroom with bunk beds or a queen bed for guests or family
  • Offers a third bedroom with various sleeping configurations, such as bunk beds or a double loft space, maximizing sleeping space

Kitchen Amenities and Appliances

  • Forest River Salem Grand Villa 42DL has a kitchen designed for convenience and functionality
  • It offers ample counter space for meal preparation
  • Equipped with a full-size residential refrigerator, microwave, and three-burner gas range
  • Ideal for cooking delicious meals on the go, creating a home-away-from-home experience
  • Includes a free-standing table and chairs for dining or entertaining with family during adventures

Storage Space and Capacity

  • Expansive storage space in Grand Design Solitude RV
  • Tall, deep cabinets in living areas and bedrooms
  • Ideal for clothing, linens, and essentials
  • Pass-through exterior storage for larger items
  • Fits folding chairs, outdoor gear, and more
  • Abundant kitchen storage for dishes and cookware
  • Includes linen closet for towels and household items
  • Well-designed for convenience and clutter-free living

13. DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Estates

DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Estates
DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Estates

DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Estates are top choices for those in search of spacious and luxurious three-bedroom RVs. These RVs are known for their outstanding bedroom arrangements, kitchen amenities, forest-river impression, and storage space. Packed with features, DRV Luxury Suites cater to all your family's needs, ensuring an enjoyable and comfortable experience during your adventure on travel trailers.

Sleeping Capacity and Bedroom Layout

  • DRV Luxury Suites sleep up to 8 people, ideal for large families or groups
  • The main bedroom features a comfortable king-sized bed for a restful night
  • The Second bedroom offers bunk beds or a queen bed for children or extra guests
  • Third bedroom can have a convertible sofa bed or bunk beds for additional sleeping space

Kitchen Amenities and Appliances

  • Kitchen designed for ease and convenience on the road
  • Equipped with modern appliances and sleek countertops
  • Offers plenty of counter space for meal prep and dining
  • Includes a refrigerator, three-burner cooktop, microwave, and dual basin sink
  • Some models feature a free-standing table and chairs for dining
  • Quality materials and efficient layout for effortless meal preparation
  • Frameless dual-pane windows provide scenic views while cooking and dining

Storage Space and Capacity

  • Spacious cabinets, cupboards, and drawers for ample storage space
  • Suitable for kitchen items and personal belongings
  • Offers storage solutions for outdoor equipment like awnings and chairs
  • Thoughtful design, quality materials, and innovative storage
  • DRV Luxury Suites are among the best three-bedroom RVs on the market

Maximizing Comfort in Your Three-Bedroom RV

Hit the road in style and comfort with your three-bedroom RV. Let's dive into transforming your mobile retreat with the perfect climate, serene soundproofing, mood lighting, ergonomic designs, and the dreamiest sleep setup.

Climate Control at Your Fingertips

Whether you're chasing the sun or snow, your RV is your sanctuary. Modern three-bedroom RVs come with climate control systems that ensure you're cozy or cool no matter where you park. Picture adjusting temperatures from your smartphone while you're still snuggled in bed!

Quiet Please

Privacy is golden, and soundproofing is the alchemist's trick in RVs. With improved materials and design, you can enjoy a tranquil retreat in your bedroom, free from the buzz of the outside world or the living area's hustle.

Light Up Your World

Customizable lighting isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity for setting the right mood. From bright LEDs for reading to soft glows for evening relaxation, lighting options in today's RVs cater to all your whims.

The Throne of Rest

After a day of adventures, sinking into an ergonomically designed space is bliss. Furniture that adapts to your body and thoughtful layouts make relaxation second nature. It's not just an RV; it's a recharge station.

Sleep Like Royalty

The secret sauce to any road trip? A great night's sleep. Memory foam, cooling gels, and the perfect pillows turn your RV bedroom into a five-star suite. Because what's a home on wheels without the comforts of a dreamy bed?