RV awning clips are a fairly common RV accessory, and can be found in many hardware and RV Stores.  But which ones are the best for your RV?

The most popular RV awning clip brands are RV Designer and Camco, who produce a variety of clips for different purposes. Other major factors influencing RV awning clips include metal types and colors, along with ease of use.

We’ve looked at multiple RV awning clips and considered their use in an effort to find the best ones for you. We’ll discuss the purpose of RV awning clips and look at some of the better products out there.



What are RV awning clips used for?

RV owners love having an awning to protect them from the direct heat of the summer, and because the awning allows for a stable, retractable platform on which they can add accessories.

A few things that one might attach to the awning via an awning clip include flags, flag poles, lights, and other decorations light enough to be held in place about an awning.

What makes RV awning clips different from each other?

Ease of installation

RV clips should be easy to install. Your RV awning should have a roller bar channel that allows the end of the clip to slide in and attach easily. In some cases, the uses of flexible plastics or metals can make this easier for tighter places, or if you have a hard time reaching the bar.

Plastics and metals

Some RV clips use mostly plastic and some use metal. Plastic is generally more weatherproof, though metals like stainless steel can withstand elements for longer periods. Generally speaking, plastics should be more flexible - and cheaper.


This might not be the first thing you thought of that differentiates RV awning clips from one another, but to some, it matters! Most RV clips are black with hints of a rustic zinc color. For those wishing to maintain a style or theme, nylon or white clips are available too. What are the best RV awning clips?

Camco Valence Clips

Camco designed these clips primarily to hold up lights - whether its to provide consistent light so you can sit outside in the evening or for a party. They review well, in the 4+ stars range on Amazon and customers stay they are easy to slide onto the RV awning rails.

Camco has been around for a while - since 1966 and makes these clips from a plastic polymer that is both flexible to allow for easy installation and sturdy to support weight for a long time. Just press to open!

You can see them here on Amazon.

Klippy Klips

No, we didn’t make the name up! Klippy Klips is a bit unique because they use a different design that includes a stainless steel spring. Per reviews on Camper World, these work quite well and are easy to install. The stainless steel spring holds the advantage for being less vulnerable to wear when exposed to weather conditions like cold and rain, as stainless steel doesn’t rust.

Hanging a planter from these clips will be easy with the open, but the small hole that allows a hook to go in.

See Camper World for more details.

Camco Awning Hanger Clips

These are a little different from the valence clips in that they are designed more to hold clothes. The middle of the clip also has a joint that allows you to raise or lower the clips by a couple of inches.

Reviews say these are easy to install and users like the option of a little additional link. They are considered sturdy, though they offer some level of flexibility which makes them easier to adjust and install.

Check them out through Google Shopping.

Camping World Awning Hooks

At a little bit of a lower price, these are made of nylon instead of metal. A metal ring within the center helps secure a light or anything heavy. The biggest advantage you’ll have with more flexibly nylon is the ability to fold or roll the nylon clips back into the awning instead of removing them.

Compared to previous clips, these actually add a little color - albeit brownish beige, instead of the metal look offered by others. The hooks aren’t natively implemented into the holder, which can make them useful for other purposes.

See them at Camping World.

RV Designer Awning Clips

Like the Camping World hooks, these are a lower price and are made of PVC and a zinc plated hook. They install on the RV awning roll bar and are simple and not complicated to install. These clips provide a great start for a very basic setup, and not using an excessive amount of metal decorative detail.

See them here at Dyers online

Jet-Pro Awning Arm Clips

These are more for the arms of your awning. The biggest standout features are ease of use with them simply sliding into place and their white color, which some will prefer for not having a standard look. They review well and generally work well to hold string items like lights.

See them at Camping World

Camco Awning Accessory Hangers

Camco has a slightly different use with these accessory hangers. The flexible black polymer is sturdy, but also bends just right to make these easy to put on the RV awning bar. Like the Camping World clips, these come with a separate S hook. You’d want a separate S hook to easily disassemble the awning clip and whatever it is attached to in the event of a wind storm. Rather than taking the entire clip off, you can just remove the hook and put it back in later.

One big advantage here: they are well priced at usually less than a dollar per clip - a 10 pack is a reasonable price that will give you more clips for later, if you need to.

See them at Camping World

Clipstay Awning Clips

Clipstay employs some unique plastic and adhesive technology here. GRIPACTION keeps installed RV awning clips in place and secure, and remains in place even when you place more weight on them. This is also the first clip that mentions uses like drying rather heavy wet towels, so they have some serious confidence in their rather simple-looking hook.

They imply something we all know - that sometimes cheap awning hooks can slide, causing movement of lights and eventually bunching up. Clipstay’s unique plastic tightly grips the RV rail so that you don’t find yourself adjusting hangers and lights.

Find them here at Newegg

RV Designer Super Klippy Klip

With a similar name to our previously mentioned Klip, RV Designer’s offering is a little bit different in the use of a discrete clear plastic color and simplicity of a solid plastic piece that is very easy to hang up and put down.

The other Klippy Klip we mentioned earlier uses a spring to load up the clip. This one is easier to install with one hand, and the clear color keeps your RV awning clips from becoming part of the decoration. RV Designer made these into a great option for someone who wants to focus on other parts of the outside of their RV.

See them at RV Designer.

Camco Lantern Snaps

As you can tell, Camco tends to make purpose built snaps. Camco’s lantern snaps securely hook into your RV awning rail, then have clips that secure items like a lantern or a screen. The tabs are also flexible so they insert into the awning rail quite easily without the stubborn results of stiffer plastic.

See them at RV Parts Country


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