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Key Takeaways

  • An RV rental can cost anywhere from $100 per day up to $275 or more per day depending on the RV class and amenities
  • Additional costs to keep in mind are fuel, taxes, and resort fees
  • To vacation for less, consider preparing food within your RV kitchen and traveling during a non-peak period.

Renting a recreational vehicle, or RV can be a lot of fun for a camping or traveling adventure. How much should you expect to pay for an RV rental?

While the answer varies greatly depending on your location, time of year, and the size or amenities within the motorhome, you should budget for at least $100 per day for a small motorhome or $275 or more for a larger more luxurious place to drive and stay.

There is plenty of research out there in regard to motorhome rental prices. The amount can change a lot based on how much room you’d like. We’ll both explain the difference between RV types and how much they will cost you.



What does an RV cost to rent?

Let’s get some more details here. We could readily give you a big or small range of prices you might expect to pay per day for a motorhome rental, but you are better off knowing a little more about motorhomes first.

Class B Motorhome Rental Costs

A Class B motorhome is the smallest kind. These kinds of recreational vehicles more strongly resemble a van with a bed - and that is accurate because they are considered a camper van. You’ll find the size is big enough for one or two. Toilet and shower facilities are in the same room. You’ll get a small kitchen, too.

For those small homes on wheels, you’ll likely find yourself paying $100-$200 per night. The amount depends on the size and age of the motorhome. If you are traveling alone or with just one other person, this might be your ideal size.

Class B is also the easiest to drive and park, as they are not much bigger than a typical conversion van.

Class C Motorhome Rental Costs

Class C upgrades the size from a class B motorhome to include to 4 to 8 people, depending on how comfortably you want to sleep. You’ll be able to tell it is a C class motorhome from the outside by the fairly noticeable overhead cabin sleeping area. Consider class C to be fairly similar to class B, only larger and with more sleeping capacity. Another distinct advantage to class C is the ability to tow a vehicle behind it, an ability not often associated with class B.

Class A Motorhome Costs

Class A offers a much larger, stronger frame more closely associated with a bus or 18 wheeler. You’ll have lots of room, fold-down beds, a table at eat or play card games on, and separate bathrooms. The interior might also look like a typical home instead of a traveling bungalow.

You should expect to pay from $175 to $275 per night or more. The luxuries offered in a class A motorhome are also much wider, so the price has more potential to go up.

Fifth Wheel Camper

What is a fifth-wheel camper? A fifth wheel camper is towed by a large truck and doesn’t have a motor itself, though it has amenities like any class of motorhome.

These tend to cost less because they are relatively cheap upfront, and without the need for a motor or transmission, you’ll see prices as low as $60 to $150 per night.

You’ll need a truck capable of towing a fifth-wheel camper. You might also need a gooseneck hitch.

Other costs to consider when renting an RV


Some RV rental places charge you per mile driven in addition to a daily fee. The practice is not at all unlike a traditional rental agency. In some cases, you’ll find that the RV rental business doesn’t have any mileage restrictions. If they do, you’ll be paying anywhere from .25 to .75 per mile after the allotted amount. We suggest doing unlimited if you can, simply because the additional charges could add up very fast.


Fuel mileage is a major factor in the expense of renting a recreational vehicle. A smaller class B motorhome will get the best mileage though it offers the least space. Don’t expect good gas mileage out of a larger class A motorhome - maybe 8 to 10 miles per gallon.

Our suggestion for saving some money: Accelerate slowly and don’t idle too much.

Resort Fees

If you plan to park your RV is a controlled area that offers ready access to waste disposal, water tank refills, and electrical lines for your batteries, you’ll likely stop at a resort. Resort stays can cost anywhere from $30 to $100 per night depending on the services offered.


While the amount depends on the state, you’ll likely pay some taxes to rent an RV. This isn’t a lot different than the fee a hotel collects and is required to pay to the government as a tax.

How to save some money when renting an RV


Shop at grocery stores instead of eating out. Your RV comes with a kitchen, so you will want to use it. Cooking time is also a great opportunity to hang out with your family and friends who are with you.

Go off-season

Research when the “off-season” is for your destination. Is there a time of year when your favored spot isn’t very busy? Rent your RV then to avoid paying extra for a peak time of rental.

Use a gas app

Many people fill up their sedans or SUVs without second guessing the price. Recreational vehicles can consume enough gas to make you consider driving an extra mile or two to fill up gas for a few cents less. We suggest downloading a gas app that finds your location and lets you know the most recent gas prices. Paying less on gas will make a big difference!


We are a bit torn on this one. If you haven’t driven an RV or large vehicle before, we suggest you pay for insurance for the vehicle to avoid paying extra later in the event you cause curb rash or hit something. If you have driven an RV before, you can probably avoid paying for additional insurance.

We just suggest you drive carefully and have a spotter when trying to park.

Fewer amenities

While you certainly have the option to live like a king in your RV, you might want to spend less to get less. Not every family needs two bathrooms or an extra bedroom. Take a hard look at what you really need and what is available before jumping into the best RV available.

Is an RV less expensive than a hotel?

This answer depends greatly on how you use the recreational vehicle. An RV can cost up to $275 per day, not including the cost of gas or resort fees. Hotels can cost at least a couple of hundred per might in some cases and might come with breakfast.

While the costs may be similar, you can’t travel with a hotel. The RV enables you to take the vehicle somewhere and explore far more.