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Key Takeaways

  • The Airstream Nest seamlessly fuses a contemporary design with the luxury of compact travel trailers.
  • While its distinctive fiberglass exterior offers a fresh take, it might not resonate with traditional Airstream enthusiasts.
  • Though discontinued in 2021, the Nest remains a popular choice in the used market, reflecting its enduring appeal.

When searching for the perfect travel trailer, it's hard not to consider the Airstream Nest. It’s compact but has a unique and durable design.

The Airstream Nest is a modern twist on classic RV travel. Compact yet luxurious, it boasts a sleek design and functionality. However, its high price tag and unique fiberglass finish might not be for everyone. Ideal for those seeking a blend of style and utility in a compact space.

In this Airstream Nest review, we'll explore what makes this compact camper such a popular choice among adventurers. We’ve had the chance to use and test out this travel trailer, so all information in this guide is based on personal experience.



Airstream Nest Review

The Airstream Nest is a travel trailer with a fiberglass exterior that offers a compact, modern, and sleek design for the ultimate camping experience. It combines style, quality, and functionality to provide a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

The Airstream Nest embraces a sleek interior design, giving it a fresh, modern look. One key feature includes plenty of windows that allow for an ample amount of natural light to brighten up the space.

Additionally, the Nest is incredibly functional, providing a well-equipped kitchen complete with a two-burner cooktop, microwave oven, stainless steel sink, and a practical amount of counter space.

Airstream Nest Interior Design and Features

‍Airstream Nest Interior Design
Airstream Nest Interior Design

The overall length is 16 feet 7 inches, which gives you enough room for comfort without being too cumbersome to tow. The weight of the trailer is 3,400 pounds, making it suitable for towing by SUVs and smaller trucks.

The spacious interior of the Airstream Nest has been thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable living space. The interior showcases stylish accent walls and seamless vinyl flooring, which is easy to clean and maintain.

You will also see large windows installed to let in plenty of natural light, further enhancing the sense of space inside the trailer. For your cooking needs, the well-equipped kitchen features a stainless steel sink, a microwave oven, and ample counter space for meal preparation.

Comfort and Convenience

The Airstream Nest boasts a cozy and modern interior that makes the most out of its compact design. The Nest features large windows that flood the space with natural light, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

The floor plan provides ample space, considering the trailer's modest size. For a restful night's sleep, the Nest offers a comfortable queen-sized bed with a Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress. This is done to ensure occupant comfort.

Kitchen Amenities

The Nest does not skimp when it comes to providing a well-equipped kitchen. With its stainless steel sink, a two-burner cooktop, and a refrigerator, the kitchen leaves enough counter space for food prep.

Additionally, there's a microwave oven for reheating meals or fixing quick snacks. Seamless vinyl flooring adds to the Nest's low-maintenance quality, as cleaning becomes a breeze.

Bathroom Facilities

The Airstream Nest incorporates a wet bath that combines both shower and toilet facilities, optimizing the use of available space. LED lighting ensures adequate illumination while using the bathroom.

Although compact, the wet bath provides essential features for the user without compromising the travel trailer's overall sense of style and functionality.

Airstream Nest Exterior Design and Features

‍Airstream Nest
Airstream Nest

Structure and Build

As a part of our Airstream Nest review, we noticed that the Nest is the company's first all-fiberglass travel trailer, which sets it apart from other Airstream travel trailer models.

Its sleek and modern design, combined with the use of fiberglass, gives the Nest a fresh look that stands out from traditional aluminum Airstream campers. With a compact design, the Nest travel trailer can be easily towed by a small SUV, making it the perfect sidekick for your adventures in the great outdoors.

Another notable aspect of the Nest is its starting price of $45,000, which might seem like a considerable investment for a travel trailer, especially if you’re just starting out with RV camping. However, the quality of the build and the thoughtful features certainly justify the price tag.

Lighting and Safety

In addition to the impressive structure and build, the Airstream Nest takes lighting and safety features to the next level. The exterior LED lighting provides ample visibility, ensuring safe towing even during nighttime drives.

The large windows allow for an abundance of natural light to fill the interior of the Nest, creating a bright and welcoming space that lets you connect with nature. The Nest also features safety features like a propane-powered continuous hot water heater.

This ensures you always have access to hot water whether you’re at a campground or off the grid. For convenience and accessibility, the Nest is also equipped with USB ports throughout the cabin, allowing you to keep your devices charged at all times.

Airstream Nest Performance and Handling

Towing Ease

One of the key features of the Airstream Nest is its lightweight and compact design, which allows it to be easily towed by a variety of vehicles, including SUVs and smaller trucks.

This makes the Nest travel trailer an ideal option for those who enjoy spontaneous weekend getaways or longer trips. The fiberglass exterior and aerodynamic shape of the camper also contribute to its towing ease, ensuring a smooth and steady ride on the road.

Fuel Efficiency

Another advantage of the Airstream Nest is its fuel efficiency. Due to its lightweight design and compact size, the Nest doesn't add a significant amount of weight to your towing vehicle, which ultimately results in better fuel economy.

This means more savings for us and more opportunities to explore the great outdoors without worrying about the cost of fuel. So while the fuel efficiency is solid, expect to make more than a couple of trips to the gas station during longer journeys.

Is The Airstream Nest Still Available?

In 2021, Airstream discontinued the production of the Nest model. The Nest was a unique departure from Airstream's traditional aluminum designs, offering a fiberglass alternative for those interested in a smaller and more modern-looking travel trailer.

However, just because it's been discontinued doesn't mean it's no longer available to potential buyers. The Airstream Nest can still be found on the used market. Pre-owned models may be available through private sellers, RV dealerships, online marketplaces, and other platforms that cater to used RV and travel trailer sales.

The Airstream Nest, given its unique design and Airstream's reputation for quality, might retain good value on the used market. Still, prices will vary based on the trailer's age, condition, and any additional features or modifications made by previous owners.

How Long Does The Airstream Nest Last?

Airstream is renowned for the durability and longevity of its trailers. While the Airstream Nest is a different construction compared to the traditional aluminum Airstream models, the brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship remains consistent.

Airstreams, in general, can last for decades if maintained properly. Many owners and enthusiasts report their classic aluminum Airstreams lasting 40 years or more with regular maintenance.

Some vintage Airstream models from the 1960s or even earlier are still on the road today, a testament to their build quality and enduring appeal. But keep in mind the Nest’s fiberglass construction is durable, but it might not have the same longevity as aluminum.

Is The Airstream Nest Worth Buying?

The Airstream Nest presents a compelling option for those who are in the market for a travel trailer. Airstream has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality and durable products, and the Nest is no exception.

Its sleek design, modern amenities, and attention to detail make it a standout in its category. However, it's important to note that this luxury comes at a price. But it is notably expensive, and you pay a high premium for the Airstream name.

The distinctive fiberglass finish might not be to everyone's liking. Some may prefer the classic aluminum look of traditional Airstream models or another style altogether.