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Key Takeaways

  • Winter RVing requires special accessories for comfort and safety.
  • Understanding and preparing for cold-weather RV travel is essential.
  • Solar power can be effective in winter with the right setup.

The appeal of the open road doesn't have to fade during winter. Here are the must-have RV accessories to boost your travel experience all winter.

The must-have RV accessories to boost your travel experience all winter are Camco 22910 25ft TastePURE Heated Drinking Water Hose, Reflectix BP24010 Series Foil Insulation, and Frost King RV and Water Heater Insulation Blanket. They also include the Camco 40431 RV Roof Vent Cover, among others.

Over the years, I’ve gained invaluable insights into the essential accessories that can enhance comfort, safety, and convenience during winter RV trips. I’m well-versed in the unique challenges and considerations of winter RV travel, from winterization techniques to off-grid camping strategies. Rest assured that you’re receiving trustworthy recommendations tailored specifically to your winter RV travel needs.



Must-Have RV Accessories for Winter Traveling

When the temperatures drop, don't let the chill dampen your adventurous spirit. Your RV is your gateway to winter wonderlands, and with the right accessories, you can embrace the cold season head-on, ensuring a warm and comfortable journey.

These handpicked RV accessories are your ticket to a hassle-free and enjoyable winter escapade.

From ensuring your water doesn't freeze to keeping your living space toasty, these items are designed to enhance your winter RV experience.

Let's gear up and winterize your mobile abode!

1. Camco 22910 25ft TastePURE Heated Drinking Water Hose

Camco 22910 heated water hose
Camco 22910 heated water hose

The Camco 22910 heated water hose ensures you have access to fresh water, no matter how low the mercury dips.

The built-in thermostat activates the heating element when temperatures drop, preventing water from freezing inside the hose and allowing for uninterrupted water flow during winter camping trips.


  • Keeps water safe to drink by preventing freezing
  • Built for the harshness of winter, ensuring longevity and reliability

2. Reflectix BP24010 Series Foil Insulation

Insulate your RV with Reflectix BP24010 foil. It's a game-changer for retaining heat and keeping the cold at bay.

This lightweight and easy-to-install insulation can be used to cover windows, doors, and other areas prone to heat loss. It helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and reduce heating costs during winter travel.


  • Maximizes warmth, minimizing heater reliance
  • Fits various RV areas for comprehensive insulation

3. Frost King RV and Mobile Home Water Heater Insulation Blanket

Frost King Insulation Blanket
Frost King Insulation Blanket

The Frost King Insulation Blanket wraps your water heater in a thermal hug, keeping it warm and efficient.

Designed specifically for RV water heaters, this insulation blanket helps to conserve energy and maintain consistent water temperatures in cold weather.

It reduces the workload on the RV's heating system and ensures hot water is readily available for showers, dishes, and other needs.


  • Your heater works less, saving energy and money
  • Quick to set up for immediate warmth

4. Camco 40431 RV Roof Vent Cover

Camco 40431 RV Roof Vent Cover
Camco 40431 RV Roof Vent Cover

With the Camco 40431 Vent Cover, ventilate without worry. Let air circulate without inviting in Jack Frost. It prevents snow, rain, and debris from entering the RV interior while allowing for continuous ventilation.

This helps to regulate humidity levels, prevent condensation buildup, and improve air quality inside the RV during winter camping trips.


  • Fresh air comes in, but the elements stay out
  • Shields your vent from snow and debris

5. Sunbeam Heated Electric Fleece

Sunbeam Heated Electric Fleece
Sunbeam Heated Electric Fleece

An electric blanket offers cozy warmth on chilly nights without relying heavily on the RV's heating system. The Sunbeam heated electric fleece features adjustable heat settings and automatic shut-off for safety.

This makes it an ideal accessory for staying comfortable and warm during winter nights in the RV.


  • Adjustable heat settings for your comfort
  • Soft material for a cozy feel on chilly nights

6. Camco 45192 SunShield Reflective Door Window Cover

Camco SunShield Cover
Camco SunShield Cover

The Camco SunShield Cover uses reflective material to insulate your windows, keeping heat in. This reflective window cover helps to insulate the RV interior by blocking out excess sunlight and heat during the day.

In winter, it can also help to retain heat inside the RV by minimizing heat loss through windows. The SunShield reflective cover is easy to install and can be customized to fit various window sizes, providing added comfort and energy efficiency during winter travel.


  • Reflects the sun, preserving interior heat
  • Offers an extra layer against prying eyes

7. Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy
Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy

The Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy is a portable propane heater designed to provide efficient heating solutions for RVs during cold winter months.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and install, making it ideal for use in RVs, cabins, tents, and other small spaces.


  • Portable and lightweight design for easy transport and installation in RVs
  • Powerful heating capacity of up to 9,000 BTUs to quickly warm up spaces

8. Classic Accessories 80-231-140401-00 OverDrive Deluxe RV & Trailer Wheel Cover

Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe wheel covers
Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe wheel covers

Wheel covers protect RV tires from snow, ice, and UV rays during winter storage or travel. The Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe wheel covers feature durable construction and a secure fit. It helps to extend the life of RV tires and maintain optimal tire performance in cold weather.


  • Shields tires from snow and ice damage
  • Prolongs the life of your tires through winter protection

9. Camco 36003 RV Hand Pump Kit

Camco 36003 RV Hand Pump Kit
Camco 36003 RV Hand Pump Kit

A hand pump kit allows RV owners to manually pump water from the freshwater tank when electrical or plumbing systems are unavailable or compromised.

The Camco RV hand pump kit includes a manual pump, hose, and fittings, providing a convenient backup water source for emergencies or off-grid camping during winter travel.


  • Stops water from freezing in pipes, averting damage
  • Its manual operation makes it simple and quick to use

10. Powerblanket Lite PBL20 20-gallon Insulated Drum Heater

Keep your fluids from freezing with the Powerblanket Lite Drum Heater. This blow-out plug with brass quick connect is essential for winterizing the RV's plumbing system and preventing frozen pipes.

It allows for easy connection to an air compressor, which can then be used to blow out water lines and remove residual water from the plumbing system.


  • Ensures materials like motor oil remain liquid
  • Offers an adjustable thermostat for precise heat management

11. Camco 36143 Blow-Out Plug with Brass Quick Connect

Camco Blow-Out Plug
Camco Blow-Out Plug

The Camco Blow-Out Plug easily clears water lines to prevent freezing. With adjustable temperature settings and even heat distribution, it helps to prevent water from freezing and ensures a consistent water supply for various RV applications.


  • Helps avoid cracks in plumbing due to ice expansion
  • Quick connect feature for a straightforward winterizing process

12. AAA 64-Piece Premium Winter Road Kit

A winter road kit is essential for preparedness and safety during winter RV travel. The AAA 64-piece premium winter road kit includes essential items such as a flashlight, batteries, first aid supplies, jumper cables, and a folding shovel.

It also includes additional items specifically designed for winter emergencies such as a thermal blanket, hand warmers, and emergency flares.

This comprehensive kit provides peace of mind for RVers traveling in cold weather conditions and ensures they are prepared for any roadside emergencies that may arise.


  • Equipped for a variety of roadside issues
  • Its comprehensive kit adds confidence to your winter travel

Misconceptions About Solar Power and Its Effectiveness During Winter Months

As the popularity of solar power continues to grow, so too do the misconceptions surrounding its effectiveness, particularly during the winter months.

While it's true that solar energy production can be affected by factors like reduced daylight hours and inclement weather, the notion that solar panels are rendered useless in winter is largely unfounded.

In fact, with proper planning and optimization strategies, solar power can still be a viable and sustainable energy solution for RVers and homeowners alike, even in colder climates.

Let’s debunk common misconceptions about solar power in winter and explore practical tips and techniques for maximizing solar efficiency during the colder months.

Common Misconception The Truth
Solar panels only work in warm weather. Solar panels operate efficiently in cold temperatures since they convert sunlight, not heat, into energy.
Snow and winter conditions render solar panels useless. Panels can shed snow easily, and some even work better when it's cold outside. Plus, the reflective nature of snow can increase light exposure.
Shorter days mean no solar power. While winter days are shorter, with proper positioning, your panels will still capture sufficient sunlight.
You won't have enough energy for your RV. A well-designed solar system tailored to your RV's energy needs will provide ample power, even during the winter months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the FAQs on the must-have RV accessories.

What should I look for in an RV to ensure it's suitable for winter living?

Focus on two key features: insulation and heating. A well-insulated RV with double or even triple-glazed windows keeps heat in and frostbite out. Ensure there's a robust heating system in place, preferably with ducted heat that distributes warmth evenly throughout your space.

How can I prevent water lines from freezing in my RV when camping in cold climates?

To prevent a frosty dilemma, invest in heated water hoses that can keep the water flowing even when Jack Frost is visiting. Adding pipe insulation further secures your lines against freezing. Also, consider using antifreeze in your holding tanks; just ensure it's non-toxic and RV-safe.

What are the best ways to insulate an RV for energy efficiency in colder weather?

Insulation is your best friend for efficient energy use. Start by sealing all gaps and cracks with caulk or foam to prevent drafts. Next, upgrade or add extra insulation to the roof and walls. Thermal curtains or RV skirting can also be great additions to keep the cold air out and the toasty air in.